Server Colo Space


Server Colocation
Reliability: Our industry leading Service Level Agreement is based on 99.99% uptime. Our high capacity BGP IP Network connects you to multiple global transit carriers ensuring stable connectivity and unbeatable uptime

Location: Our SSAE-16 audited facilities offer ease of access and geographic redundancy for businesses located across Michigan. Complete with office and conference space, 123.Net’s facilities are ideal for all of your business meetings.

Carrier Diversity: Our facilities offer carrier diversity including alternative transit and local access options including OCx Fiber, Wireless and Ethernet through top tier carriers.

Fully Redundant Power: We offer Power Distribution Unit (PDU) diversity, independent AC systems, battery back-up, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and on-site generators with guaranteed fuel contracts. Additionally, N+1 design enables uninterrupted service by safeguarding against equipment failure.

Efficient Cooling: We employ a true Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle IT floor configuration, which maintains cooler temperatures on the intake side of your equipment. Our facilities utilize air economizers to improve cooling efficiencies, plus ultrasonic humidification to maintain a static-free computing environment.

Remote Hands Service: We have on-site technicians who can perform critical tasks at your request, including equipment server reboots, circuit testing, cable and card replacements

Datacenter Security:Our fully monitored datacenter includes a gated entry, key card access, video cameras, and locking cabinets. Access is controlled 24/7. Co-location customers are not provided with access cards and will be escorted at all times.

Web Hosting

•  Dedicated Server Hosting
•  Email Filtering Services
•  GeoTrust SSL Certificates
•  Internet, Voice & Data Services
•  Managed Storage and Backup
•  Reseller Hosting Plans
•  Server Collocation Services
•  Shared Linux Hosting
•  Shared Windows Hosting
•  Spam Filtering Services

Management Options

Basic Management - Included

- Proactive Monitoring
- Unlimited Reboots
- IP Ping Monitoring

Semi Managed Plan - $50/month

- Proactive Monitoring
- Security Updates
- Basic IP Ping Monitoring
- 3rd Party Installation Assistance
- 2 Hrs Monthly Admin Support

Fully Managed Plan - $100/month

- Proactive Support
- Third Party Script/Software
- Security Hardening
- Server Optimizations
- Script Debugging
- Client Script Installation
- 4 Admin Hours Per month
- Load Monitoring per the Environment



Southfied Michigan

1U COLO SPACE ( Single Server )
Bandwidth: 320GB Monthly (1Mbps)
IP Addresses: 1
Power: 2.5 AMPS
Port: 100 Mbps
Monthly: $59.95/Mo
2U COLO SPACE ( Single Server )
Bandwidth: 320GB Monthly (1Mbps)
IP Addresses: 1
Power: 5 AMPS
Port: 100 Mbps
Monthly: $100.00/Mo
4U COLO SPACE ( Single Server )
Bandwidth: 320GB Monthly (1Mbps)
IP Addresses: 1
Power: 5 AMPS
Port: 100 Mbps
Monthly: $150/Mo
22U COLO SPACE ( Half Cabinet )
Bandwidth: 320GB Monthly (1Mbps)
IP Addresses: 16
Power: 10 AMPS
Port: 100 Mbps
Access: Key Card 24/7
Monthly: $399/Mo
44U COLO SPACE ( Full Cabinet )
Bandwidth: 320GB Monthly (1Mbps)
IP Addresses: 32
Power: 20 AMPS
Port: 100 Mbps
Access: Key Card 24/7
Monthly: $599/Mo

Full Cabinet Special: Only $599 ( Expires 2/26/2014 )


Additional IP blocks

$1.50 Monthly per IP (1 - 256 IP's)

Additional Bandwidth

$50 Monthly per Meg (1 - 10 Megs)

Bulk Bandwidth Bandwidth

$250 Monthly per Meg (10 - 100 Megs)

Test IP

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